3 Ways to Serve Kaiser Rolls for Football Parties

Football days offer hours of games and fun ways to hang out with family and friends. When you host a football party, you often need to plan out some unique food ideas for guests. One way to serve up multiple types of meals is with kaiser buns. The round buns feature soft dough and can include toppings like poppy seeds.

Check out some unique ways to serve up meals with kaiser rolls the next time you host a football party.

1. Stacked Sandwiches

Kaiser rolls offer a lot of support for sandwiches. The round shapes make the rolls easy to grab and give you a lot of options for stacking high sandwiches. Purchase toothpicks or paddle picks that can easily go through the center of a sandwich, as well as a wide range of deli meat and toppings like tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce.

You can build the stacked sandwiches or allow guests to build sandwiches of their own. You can also serve the stacked sandwiches with sides like French fries, chips, or fresh vegetables.

2. Chili Bowls

Chili has been a football day staple for many decades, and you can upgrade the way you serve chili with the use of kaiser buns. When you purchase the buns, look for ones that are not sliced already. Take a knife and cut out an opening on the top of the bun.

The opening area will offer a natural bread bowl to scoop the chili into. Do not cut too deep to ensure the chili does not leak out the bottom since some of the chili will soak into the bread. Once you finish the chili, you can eat the bread and enjoy all of the chili flavors that have soaked up inside the bread.

3. Brunch Sandwiches

Some football games may air in the morning or early afternoon. In this case, you can use kaiser rolls to create brunch sandwiches. To do this, prepare a large batch of scrambled eggs and cook toppings like thin slices of ham, bacon, or ground sausage. Provide cheddar and American cheese slices. You can toast the kaiser buns for a little extra crispiness.

Guests can build their brunch sandwiches and enjoy the breakfast-inspired meal. Consider serving side options like hash browns or home fries for extra snacking options throughout the game. As an alternative, you could fry up individual eggs for guests. When the yolk pops, a kaiser roll will soak up the extra yolk and provide delicious bites.

You can order bulk batches of kaiser rolls to have plenty of bread on hand for your football party gatherings.