Six Sandwiches That Your Kids Will Love To Find In Their Lunchbox

Try something different and delicious in your kids' lunchboxes! Visit your favorite bakery for fresh-baked loaves of bread and rolls that serve as the foundation of the following six tasty concoctions. Plus, these involve simple ingredients that even picky children will eat.

Six sandwiches that your kids will want in their lunch are:

1. Cheese, please. Most kids like cheese, so why not keep things simple by melting American or Monterey Jack on wedges of flatbread? You can usually find flatbreads that are not too seasoned or spicy (for finicky eaters), and the sandwich is palatable at room temperature, perfect for a picnic or lunchbox.

2. A Hearty option for hungry kids. Teenagers get hungry, so make them a satisfying sandwich with Kaiser buns. These thick and firm buns will hold up to a lot of fillings, meats, and spreads- plus, they will quell even the biggest appetite!

3. Make 'em sweet. Hawaiian rolls have an inherently sweet flavor that is especially tasty with savory or salty sandwich fillings. Try updating your basic ham and cheese by serving it on a Hawaiian roll; add a strip of bacon for some textural crunch.

4. Tomato and potato- a perfect combination. Potato bread is soft and doughy, which makes it popular among kids. Add sliced tomatoes, a slice of cheese, and a little mayo for a lunchtime treat that kids of all ages will enjoy. Use mayo packets to keep the sandwich fresh until it is time to eat.

5. Give 'em something to dip. Break up a pita pocket into bite-size pieces and toast until crisp in a hot oven with cooking spray. Provide a container of your child's favorite sandwich filling-- egg salad, chicken salad, tuna-- and let them dip their pita chips for a fun lunch idea. Pack in an insulated lunch bag or add an ice-pack to keep the filling chilled until lunchtime.

6. Deconstruct a PB & J. Buy individual-sized portions of peanut butter, and start salvaging those jelly packets that you find at your favorite diner or restaurant. Serve pieces of whole-grain bread, sliced thin, and let kids make their own sandwich. Pack recycled plastic cutlery to make the task easy.

Try these six sandwiches for something new at lunch that you child will eat! Visit bakeries to find fresh-baked loaves of bread and stock-up. You can toss rolls or bread in your freezer to keep on-hand for the following week and thaw out the night before serving.